American Policing Functions As Intended

Kevin Putzier
4 min readOct 8, 2022

ACAB. Even the “good” ones.

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The problem with American policing cannot be reformed. Reform indicates that there is a problem that needs addressed or corrected within the system.

This simply is not the case. The police, regardless of any individual officer’s desire, is an army of occupation designed to maintain the status quo. It cannot be reformed because it works as intended. The best that can come of reform, with a view to more efficiency, is an exponential increase in the use of violence!

My reasoning behind this statement is simple. The job of the police is, was, and has always been to serve and protect the upper classes. This means, if they are to hold true to their purpose, that the masses must be suppressed to the point of extreme fear or the upper classes will have to deal with us. Thus, more use of violence and its explicit threat is necessary.

Now, if we want city guards and investigators of crime, that’s a different story. In that case, we legitimately need to completely start over. An army of oppression cannot fulfill that function efficiently for multiple reasons.

One, without coercion they will get little to no community cooperation. Because you don’t collaborate with the self-avowed enemy if you wish to remain a part of the community. The phrase “Snitches Get Stitches” is the civilian version of the “Thin Blue Line”.

Two, If you are interested in keeping the peace, then the people doing so must have at least some degree of peaceable intent. It is no mistake that modern state and city armies have redesignated themselves as Law Enforcement Officers. When I was a kid, many of them publicly identified as Peace Officers. It wasn’t true, even then, but they at least tried to make it look like that. Now they don’t even pretend.

Three. You do not de-escalate a situation by bringing maximum firepower to bear in every instance. There is NO reason for street police to be armed with deadly weapons. There is a reason for some units to be armed, and those units to be strategically placed to respond where needed. SWAT (Special Weapons And Tactics) should never be the default.

Four. Police absolutely MUST be held to a higher standard than civilians in the use of violence. If a cop…



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