Grammarly sucks. Poorly.

I hate it. I hate it a lot!

Kevin Putzier


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Grammarly, the free version at least, is a fucked up piece of canine excrement who’s creators need to be tortured.

That torture should include days on end of reading creative writing by such authors as Stephen King, Robert Anson Heinlein, Isaac Asimov, and as much as he annoys me, Charles Dickens.

Just in case some of you do not know what this widely advertised mental torture application is, Grammarly is a program that falls under the heading of “style editor”.

The problem is that computers are incapable of style. And Grammarly’s free version is the bottom of the pile. Its sole style criterium is to render any text bland, boring, neutral, and neutered.

I’m a political writer. The number of times that Grammarly flags my phrasing is infuriating. Worse, human editors tend to take that shit seriously. So I find it necessary to go through each thing I write and leave private notes saying something along the line of “Yes, I really did mean to use some flavorful words in this phrase. No, I don’t think it should be devoid of all emotion, flavor, or concrete meaning.”

The only thing it’s really good at is finding the misuse of commas and punctuation. On that, it’s wrong about ten percent of the time. I use it, as my editors tend to like the damn thing. Recently, one of them who I rather like and therefore shall remain nameless in this diatribe said this: “Most of what you marked didn’t flag in the paid version”.

To the “fine” folks at Grammarly: That’s not an advertisement for your paid product, that’s an indictment. The free version of MS office has a far better grammar checker.

And let’s face it: Computers will never understand nuance. Give it up already!

Note that this article alone, after correcting a couple punctuation errors, flags five times on the Grammarly free app.



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