The Misery For Profit System.

Kevin Putzier
3 min readJul 6, 2023

0r, Murder for profit. Both work

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I haven’t written in quite a while. Sorry about that, my life has gone to hell.

I’ll start where I’m at today. My father is sitting across from me in a hospital bed, waiting to die. This is not his fault. And it’s also not his age, it’s that the American “health care” system does not care and has no health.

He recently had a series of heart attacks. By recently I mean starting a months ago with the most recent being three days ago. I’m not going to go into a lot of detail, it’s not necessary to illustrate my point.

The big medical points: He has damage to his heart valve, which is inoperable due to calcification of his arteries. Which NOT ONE of his doctors ever mentioned, even though he has had multiple coronary events including two strokes in 2019. He had multiple different types of imaging tests including at least three angiograms in that time.

There is literally no way they could have missed this level of arterial calcification in that time frame and with the many doctor’s visits he has endured.

Even now, with little hope, they are acting like they have some sort of moral high ground. Meanwhile his insurance (Medicare Advantage plan) is denying him the few treatments that might actually save his life.

Side note on that, we’re gonna get ’em anyway. But it costs. Really a lot. More than we have. But we’ll find a way, because here in the United States, that’s what you have to do. Public health insurance barely exists.

Instead, we have the misery for profit system. It is far cheaper for the insurance companies to only treat emergencies and only to the level to avoid liability. They literally tried to send him home the day after his heart attack. We have had to fight the system for what would be a basic level of care in literally any other nation on earth to the best of my knowledge. Most certainly true of the civilized nations in the OECD.

But the United States of America is not a civilized nation. Right about the beginning of my life, we were on a better path to becoming one. But that ship has sailed, and sunk.

Now, with crisis after crisis affecting us, we can’t even get the basic markers of civilization down…



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